Turkey Rhubarb (Rheum palmatum)

One of the most important and beneficial factors of this herb is how it stimulates peristaltic action withing the lower bowel and the whole body. The average person has many pounds of old dried fecal matter that is stored in the colon. This toxifies the system and keeps our food from being assimilated. This putrefied condition causes us to engorge ourselves with several times the actual amount of food the body requires. We wear out our bodies trying to get sufficient nutrition and still have that nagging hunger. After the bowels are cleansed our food can be assimilated and the person can sustain him/herself on about 1/3 the quantity of his/her usual food consumption.

Turkey Rhubarb is one of the herbs used to help cleanse the bowels in a gentle and mild manner. It is known to increase the circulation of the glands of the intestinal canal and increases peristalsis by

stimulating the muscular layer of the bowel. Turkey Rhubarb is so mild and gentle it is the laxative of choice for children and babies. The gentle action of this herb makes it especially desirable in cases of persons bothered with hemorrhoids.

In smaller doses, the herb acts as an astringent to check diarrhea which some herbalists consider

is just another form of constipation, wherein only the liquid matter is eliminated from the bowel

and the solids remain inside.

I believe that almost all disease starts with a blockage in some part of our body. The most common blockage is the accumulation of impurities in our lower bowel. So the first place we need to start is a natural routine of cleansing and rebuilding the bowel area.


Used as a mild and gentle laxative, as a purgative, for intestinal cleansing, for headache, skin

ulcers, toxic blood conditions, for stagnant blood, inflammation and suppuration within lower

body, for appendicitis, myoma of the uterus, difficult menstruation, ovaritis, pyelitis and malarial


Turkey Rhubarb is best used with other herbs that assist in helping to cleanse the lower bowel such as;

Cascara Sagrada Bark

Barberry Bark

Cayenne Pepper

Ginger Root

Lobelia herb

Red Raspberry Leaf

Fennel Seed

Golden Seal Root

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