Soaking and Sprouting Procedure

Step 1: Measure your seeds, nuts, grains, or legumes according to the recipe. Place them in a fine-mesh colander and rinse. Follow the instructions giving for the nuts, grains, or legumes on the chart located at the end of this page. Then put them into a glass jar and cover them with pure distilled steamed water at room temp 3-4 inches about the seeds. Let the seeds soak overnight or for at the specified time. The water awakens the plant enzymes within the seeds, triggering the life force that begins the sprouting cycle.

Step 2: Place a mesh on the top of the glass jar to prevent seeds from rinsing away. Drain away soak water (and hulls). This will discard the enzyme inhibitors. Rinse the seeds with pure water then drain again.

Step 3: Let your seeds rest in the glass jar on the kitchen counter under a towel or another dark place for 12-24 hours. Keep jars at a 45 degree angle for the best drainage. Rinse and drain twice a day until desired sprout tails appear. This is also the way I sprout wheat.

Step 4: Expose your sprouts to sunlight for about six hours to activate the abundance of chlorophyll. Enjoy your new healthy soaked, sprouted live foods.

Here’s to your health!

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