Red Raspberry Eubus Idaeus Rosaceae

When we think of red raspberries we think of a delicious summer berry, but the leaves of the plant have a very powerful medicine. This herb is most valuable for women expecting babies or trying to conceive. It is splendid proof that some herbs have an attraction for specific organs. This herb acts upon the procreative organs of women, stimulating, toning and regulating them more effectively than any other known herb.

This herb is not only for women who are pregnant, but it is also good for women who experience miscarriages. Red raspberry leaves will help in all areas of pregnancy, strengthening the attachment of the fetus and easing delivery at the time of birth.

Women who drink red raspberry leaf tea during their pregnancy experience an easier delivery with very little discomfort. This tea has helped many babies who are not in position for birth turn and produce an easy and speedy delivery.

Red raspberry tea is also good for the colds and flu. It is recommended that no food be taken and only liquids of large amounts of Red Raspberry leaf tea be given. The herb is also good for sore eyes, but it is recommended that the tea be strained first. Other uses for this herb include, painful menstruations or profuse menstruation, tones the stomach and bowels, for mucous membranes and the lining of the kidneys, for burns, canker sores, yeast infections, expel stones, urinary tract infections, and to help frigidity in women and sterility in men.

I have found that drinking red raspberry tea has helped me go through the change of life more smoothly. It is recommended that if you are pregnant to drink a few cups every day. Please make sure that your herbs are organic or wild crafted.

If you have raspberry plants you can pick and dry your own leaves. To dry the leaves place them in a dry, airy place. Store them in a cool, dry airtight place. They will hold their medicinal values very well so you can use them anytime of the year. The leaves can be harvested until the berry crop is finished.

Beneficial Vitamins and Minerals Found in Red Raspberry Leaf:

-Rich concentrations of vitamin C

-Vitamin E

-Easily assimilated calcium and iron

-Manganese and magnesium

-Vitamin A

-Vitamin B complex-Many minerals including phosphorous and potassium

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