My Journey with Juicing

Why did I decide to start organic juicing when I was already eating a healthy vegetarian / raw vegan diet? I think it’s because I am not ever afraid to try new healthy things with my body, and the fact I am always willing to see how far I can take my body to being healthy. My health is so important to me; this body that my Heavenly Father has given to me is a gift. I want to keep it healthy. I discovered that when I started juicing whole organic fruits and vegetables that my body reacted differently to the juiced foods than the raw whole foods. Let’s talk about why juicing is a healthy choice for me.

While I did lose weight juicing, that is not the reason I began the juicing in the first place. I began juicing at the end of April to see if I could cleanse my body and bring it to a whole healthier state. Losing weight is just one of the side effects of removing the toxic and extraneous matter that may have been stored within my fat cells. By juicing I was allowing my body to achieve superior health. Juice fasting cleanses, it heals, it nourishes, and it feeds and regenerates my whole body.

It was impossible for me to eat the high doses of vegetables and fruits that I wanted. So by juicing organic fresh fruits and vegetables I am able to get the amount my body desires. Raw Juicing not only eliminates the need for munching and chewing high quantities of greens and vegetables, it also minimizes the body’s digestive effort, since nutrients are absorbed into blood stream within minutes. By juicing I am able to break down fibers in the vegetables, making it easier for my body to absorb all the nutrients.

I still love to eat raw salads and raw fruits, however I feel that my body breaks them down different when I juice.

Scientists have identified over 5000 different enzymes plus many more that our bodies utilize when we juice whole organic fruits and vegetables. Live enzymes are the catalyst for every human function. They perform 1000’s of important life supporting functions. They help repair our DNA, help digest food, and help us assimilate the nutrients within food among many more. Dead processed and cooked foods have few, if any, live enzymes. Why? When enzymes are heated above 118 degF they die. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between eating animal protein and the incidence of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. This is one of the reasons I choose a plant protein based diet. (see my page on animal protein and dairy coming soon)

I have discovered that with juicing it’s all about the live enzymes, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Raw organic juice contains lots of fiber because of the juice extraction method that is used. Juicing is a nutrient dense way to alkalize body & infuse cells with high dose phytonutrients. By not eating solid foods I allow my body to conserve energy and utilize and heal itself at base of the problem, NOT just the symptom.

I found that juicing re-balances and cleans the sludge, mucus and toxins in my body so I can adequately absorb nutrients. It balances out my pH scale, letting my body be at an alkalized state. One of the most important results of juicing is that I am putting my cells thru a juice cleanse that will help to maintain pH balance in my body. It has been scientifically proven; you are less prone to disease and ailments if your body is kept at an alkaline state. (See my page on alkaline/acid foods coming soon)

I always make sure that my fruits and vegetables are organic. It is important to juice vegetables and fruit that are fresh, organic or locally grown in an organic manner and in-season. Listed below are vegetables/fruits that are the most pesticide-loaded according to the Environmental Working Group. Try to always purchase these vegetables/fruit organically grown. Another option is to grow these vegetables in your backyard garden or container garden using NON-GMO seeds/plants. The offenders listed from worst to least: Apples, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Hot Peppers, Spinach, Sweet Bell Peppers, Kale / Collard Greens.

The following are just some of the benefits I have felt since my start on this juice journey.
• Resets my metabolism
• Boost my energy
• Better Sleep patterns
• Remove Metals from my body
• Get glowing skin and brighter eyes
• Restoring hydration, alkalization and oxygenation to my cells
• Eliminate aches and pains
• Reduce bloating and water retention
• Remove acidity, mucus, molds, fungus and bad bacteria from my body
• Rebuilding my immune system
• Balance my hormones
• My body is converting food into energy much better
• Eliminate bad breath, body odor and cellulite
• detoxify my cells
• Improving my digestion

For recipes see my juice recipe page and enjoy your own juice journey to great health.