Raw Organic Juice Recipes

First off let me just say that you can change these to fit your own needs. I found that if I speak to my body and ask it what it wants, I have a better idea of what to give it. Believe me, my body does answer me.

I also add the following to my juices: Wheatgrass, spirulina, raw organic protein powder, superfoods, omega blend.

I try not to mix vegetables with a lot of fruit. I add only apple to my vegetable juice, but you can add lime or lemon.

Super Juice

1 apple

¼ med cucumber

¼ ripe avocado

1 stick of celery

handful of spinach

¼ mug kale

¼ mug of broccoli

small piece of beet

2 carrots

If you have a way of juicing fresh wheatgrass use a 1-2oz shot of wheatgrass. If you do not then you can use wheatgrass powder ¼ tsp.

1 level teaspoon of spirulina

1 level tablespoon of Omega blend

Juice all but the avocado in a juicer. To a blender add your avocado, wheatgrass, spirulina and omega blend. Add the vegetable juice, a few ice cubes, blend and enjoy!

Super Fruit Juice

Mixture of my favorite fruit with omega blend and raw organic protein powder.

Here is a two to three vegetable base juice you can do.

Juice 1

2 carrots

2 ribs of celery

handful of spinach

Juice 2

2 carrots

handful of Parsley

handful of spinach

squeeze of lemon

Juice 3

2 tomatoes

3 ribs of celery

1 carrot

squeeze of lemon

pinch of cayenne if you like

The only rules to juicing are that you do not mix too many fruits with your vegetables and that you use organic fruits and vegetables. Make sure that when you drink your juice that you drink it slow and you are moving it around in your mouth. Chewing your juice, this will get the digestion going. Have fun and enjoy the different ways you can juice your way to health.

Please share your favorite juice recipes with me.

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