Eating To Live

Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat….

This is a self-help health and wholeness plan. This guide will give you the knowledge to heal your body and restore the wholeness back to your soul. But it’s up to you to do the work and bring back your wholeness and health into your life.

With all eating plans or diets please see your care provider before beginning any health changes and exercise program. The information in this wholeness plan is for information only and is not meant to treat, heal, proscribe or diagnose. The author or web site does not assume any responsibility for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any procedures on this site. The information here is for educational value and should not replace the service of a care provider.

If the United States is the most powerful nation on this earth then why does the United States not excel in health? The number of obese children in America in 2013 is 12.7 million; 18.6% of boys and 15.0% of girls. The current number of obese adults in America between the age of 20 years and older is 154.7 million. That is 79.9 million men, and 74.8 million women. Those numbers will keep climbing if we do not take control of our health.

Why do we not excel in health?  I think it is because Americans think “It cost too much to eat healthy.” What does it cost Americans in healthcare because they don’t eat healthy? The total excess cost related to the current prevalence of adolescent overweight and obesity is estimated to be $254 billion, $208 billion in lost productivity secondary to premature morbidity and mortality and $46 billion in direct medical costs.

If current trends in the growth of obesity continue, total healthcare costs attributable to obesity could reach $861 to $957 billion by 2030, which would account for 16% to 18% of US health expenditures. (American Heart Association) I say we cannot afford not to eat healthy.

No matter how much information that is available to all of us about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and a diet heavily dependent on processed foods, we don’t change our ways. We just become more and more unhealthy, spending billions of dollars each year on health care costs. In the past smoking received a lot of attention for the dangers it poses to public health, I believe that the typical American diet is a more important predictor of chronic ailments and quality of life than any other public scourge.

Poor nutrition can result in self-inflicted health and disease. The U.S. Surgeon General has reported that over 300,000 deaths are caused by or related to obesity. The incidence of diabetes alone has risen by a third since 1990 and treatment costs $100 billion a year. Self-inflicted disease caused by obesity and poor nutrition also lead to more lost workdays than any other single ailment and increased pharmaceutical and hospital expenditures. Obesity is the #1 health problem in American. Do you think if we cure obesity we will cure disease? I do.

The cure for obesity is known, we know how to cure it…..change your diet and move your body. It is that simple, yet we let food control our lives, instead of being in control of our food. Americans are digging their own graves with forks and knives. There is no pill, no quick fix without side effects and damage to our bodies. Many American’s are choosing surgery for weight reduction. By choosing surgical weight reduction are we choosing high health risks?  According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) common complications from blood clots are a common after effect of gastric bypass and gastroplasty surgery. The NIH has also reported that surgical treatments for obesity have had substantial nutritional and metabolic complications, gastritis, esophagitis, outlet stenosis, and abdominal hernias. More than 10 percent required more surgery to fix problems resulting from their first surgery.

Does the thought of gastric bypass or gastroplasty surgery tempt you? How about liposuction? Studies show that liposuction begets a plethora of side effects, the main one DEATH!!!

Surgery is not the only danger we put our bodies through to lose weight. Dangerous dieting, with the promise to combat obesity are ineffective. They simply don’t work….because no matter how much weight you lose when you are on a diet, you put it right back on when you go off. You have to get to the root of the problem, why you are unhealthy, tired and overweight.

Measuring food or counting calories, typically is called “dieting” and almost never is the result permanent weight loss and dieting actually worsens the problem over time. Most Americans put back on the weight they lost because dieting slows down your metabolic rate and you wind up heavier than when you began to diet.

Being overweight is due to low calorie dieting---it doesn’t work. But you may not know why. It is very simple yet much overlooked reason….it is not how much food you eat, it is what you eat. The biggest myth out there today is that people get fat because they eat too much food. Most of the average American diet calories come from high fat foods and refined carbohydrates and sugars, or low-nutrient foods. As long as Americans continue to eat a diet of high fat, refined carbohydrate foods, refined sugar, and processed food Americans will continue to become unhealthy obese people.

Most Americans claim “I already eat a healthy diet,” when in fact they do not. There is a general resistance to change. It would be wonderful if as children we were programmed with healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, children are eating more poorly today than ever before.

Would you ever let your children sit at a table and smoke or drink alcohol? You wouldn’t because we know the effects of smoking and drinking. Yet we know the effects of consuming cola, fries, doughnuts, cookies, cheeseburgers, candy and other sugar foods. Many children consume these items every day and for some, they consume this poison for every meal.

What I am sharing with you is what has worked for me. I have tried every diet; I was on my first diet when I was in the 8th grade. Diets do not work!  You are going to hear me say this over and over. Every time I went on a diet I lost a few pounds but gained back more. Not just more weight, but more health problems and more reasons to not like myself.

I grew up dealing with Asthma. I was a sick child growing up, in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. This was a time when easy quick meals were being introduced like TV dinners, Mac and Cheese, and meat from a can etc. When I think about all the junk, processed foods, sugars and sodas I put into my body it makes me sick. Well, It did make me sick, and little did I know at the time that the consequences of my diet hadn't caught up to me yet!  

What was once called my childhood disease grew into my teenage disease. When I was a Jr. or Sen. in high school, I was so desperate to fit in to the crowd, to be thin and popular that I began to starve and move my body to the point where I did not realize I was borderline anorexic. I just kept creating more health problems for myself. I wanted to feel beautiful and to have someone who thought I was beautiful. I was going about it the wrong way, but at that time in my life it was the only way I knew how and it was working. I was getting what I wanted but at what price? I would find out later in my life, because it all catches up.

After I graduated high school I went on to study at our local beauty college. I learned many different techniques and skills that helped me get a job after I graduated. But they could not teach me to love myself. As a child and a teenager I had lost my wholeness and my identity. I did not know who I was. I did not know how to love this wonderful gift called my body, I only knew I did not like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. My wholeness was gone and disease took over that vacant lot and built a whole city of problems.

This whole city of problems followed me into my adulthood. I followed this diet and that diet….lost weight, gained weight. The roller coaster syndrome, if you have ever been on that ride you know firsthand how hard it is to get off. You keep telling yourself that this time it will be different but in fact it gets worse.

How long have you stayed on a diet? 1 week? 2 weeks? Let’s be honest most of us have a hard time staying on a diet for 1 hour. Why is this? I have come to the conclusion that it’s our bodies. I believe when we say “Monday I will start my diet” (laughing) come on you know you have said that many times. I will start my diet on Monday. It doesn’t matter what day you begin to diet, your body doesn’t know Monday from Sunday. It’s the word “diet” your body hears and it begins to fight against you. In the past the word diet has meant to your body starvation and heavy workouts are coming. You do not have to starve your body or do heavy workouts. Changing your way of thinking from eating to live instead of living to eat and finding your wholeness is a positive start to a healthy lifestyle.

My web page may not appeal to many Americans who are in denial about the dangers of their eating habits and those of their children. Some of you will read the first few pages and decide that you want to continue to have your love affair with rich, disease-causing foods and will sacrifice your health to keep that affair. Many American consumers prefer not to know about the dangers of their diet because they don’t want to give up their perceived pleasures. For those people this web site is not for you.

If you are 100% committed to wanting to take charge of your health than I believe the information I have to share can help you. I am sharing the knowledge I have collected for the past 15 years. What has worked for me and what has not worked. Diets did not work for me. I realized a diet is allowing someone else to be in control of my body. I am not going to call names out of all the diets out there, you know who they are; you may have even tried some of them or all of them. Every diet out there is designed by someone, they created the diet. They tell you what to eat on each day and how much you should eat. The diet is now in control of you and what you eat.  Eating to Live lets you be in control of what you eat!

After my 2nd son was born and joined our family, everything that I had put my body through and all the toxins that had built up in my body began to create many identities. (The way you eat does catch up with you, you will not escape it) I became tired, lethargic, head aches and asthma attacks returned, that was only a few of the health problems.  I tried consulting with the doctor's and all I got in return was a statement that I was in "perfect health" and that there was nothing wrong with me.  Yet I couldn't hardly get off the couch to take care of my family.  As the story of "My Journey My Life" began to unfold I learned how to take control of my own health and life.

Go ahead ask the question? How is my eating plan different from all the other eating plans? Good question…With the Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat I will guide you to better food choices, while still allowing you to be in charge of you. I will teach you to listen to your body for the “true hunger”. I will help you get your body to the place where your body is in better health, so you can feel the difference between true hunger and eating due to desired appetites, emotional issues or food addictions.  

If you are thinking it is time to take back control of your life, your wholeness, your well-being then visit my Class page for more information.